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By having Dynamic Input activated and the variable DYNPICOORDS set to 0, the default way to enter coordinates is Relative , and Absolute coordinates need to be preceded by a " # " sign. Redesigning the Insert dialog box was to provide better visual previews of blocks in the workflow for inserting blocks. Also you can count block or calculate the area and length of multiple objects as a field. The coords returned are not specified as X-Y's but as Northings(Y-coord) & Eastings(X-Coord). after pressing enter the process will repeat. Hello AutoCad, I'm new to Reddit and to CAD, and I have a quick question. The trimble gave me a . We have provided this Coordinate  May 10, 2013 The library of the coordinate system is the same as the library of To set the geographic location in the drawing on the Insert ribbon in the  Images that you will be inserting can be either georeferenced or non- georeferenced. All the texts Blocks Palette. In AutoCAD 2007 it is a Express folder (if you installed it when installing AutoCAD) For this example I found one file (named c2exc2. This is Excel VBA Code to get coordinates of Polylines from AutoCAD as you will select Polyline/Poly Familiarize yourself with how to navigate through AutoCAD. The option "Insert" allows to select a predefined block with any number of attributes. Attached the block (label xy coordinates. The World Coordinate System is based on the Cartesian Coordinate System. To Display the Coordinates of a Point. Override the Name to Chimney on it, and in the Assignments field turn on the Ground Level, the Ground Floor and the First Floor levels checkboxes. Click Connect. these coordinates are used to mention the locations in geographical drawings. If you need to annotate multiple points with their cartesian coordinates (X-Y labels) you can use the DIMORDINATE command (separate X and Y values) or a dynamic block with automatic attribute values - see e. Click the down arrow if the tooltip offers to attach something else. lsp) that exports coordinates to Excel format. Specify the parameters for the xref in the dialog box. Step 2 - Import the File to AutoCAD Map 3D. Jul 15, 2015 How to Insert and Georeference a Google Earth Image in AutoCAD . If you are inputting a lot of points, you can use a lisp routine like this free one or a specialized version of AutoCAD like Map or Civil 3D. Send to AutoCAD –make sure the correct version of AutoCAD is running with a drawing started. In the Raster Tools menu, click Insert. At the bottom of the Export dialog, change the file type to AutoCAD . entering a location in coordinate form( there are multiple coordinate formats) selects that point relative to the drawing origin. In order to get the coordinates information, you must use the magnifying glass. The Attach External Reference dialog box appears. You do this by placing geographic marker within the drawing. Click Home tabUtilities panelID Point. Click the Predefined folder. For this you will simply type in the pins labeled coordinates in x,y format. i will tell you some of them. The Window is divided into four sections: Coordinates, Search, Map and Cache. g. For example, to enter a coordinate relative to the current coordinate, for a property line that is 72 feet, 8 inches long with a bearing of 45 degrees north, 20 minutes, 6 seconds east, enter the following coordinates: How to Insert and Georeference a Google Earth Image in AutoCAD. Coordinates in AutoCAD. The target drawing is defined using the CRS UTM30-ETRS89 (EPSG: 25830) so that the coordinates of the source streetlights will be transformed from EPSG 4326 to this CRS inside the import process Note: This video also discusses what the right way is to create or edit ODBC access for 32-bit How to Import GPS Waypoints into AutoCAD. If need to create some sub points, Type “CSN” to place Increment Coordinate sub Points. We’ve chosen to focus on AutoCAD due to its position as one of the market leaders in CAD. Feed the X, Y, Z Coordinates of the Point in the Command Bar. So we input N, E, Z (HEIGHT) by switching the N and the E around. Absolute coordinates are the X, Y and Z values of a point based on the Origin point (0,0,0) in the current UCS. Select your . Give your connection a simple name. Before pasting the coordinates, type LINE as the first word in the file 4. Projected Coordinate Systems folder. How to insert an image into AutoCAD. ) Insert a Block at the Location you need the Points. Type command ATTDEF 3. Dynamic Input – can be switched ON to display coordinates in AutoCAD all the time. Having an understanding of this coordinate system (which many people have, despite of probably never heard of the name) is essential to understanding how the WCS (and UCS) work within AutoCAD. RE: Entering GPS coordinates into Autocad. The Select Reference File dialog box appears. Go to “express tools” and select convert text to mtext. putting an @ in front of the coordinate makes it relative to the last point you picked. 4. USING CARTESIAN COORDINATES Attendees will learn to use the x,y, and z axes, and how to enter values when creating entities. Browse to find the file you want to attach, select it, and then click Open. that contain point type Features Import coordinates from Excel to AutoCAD  To use the tool, simply follow the steps by number, entering the required data (for detailed instructions, see below). Fill Tag as X, Prompt as X-coordinate,then click on default 4. AutoCAD will launch the Line command then, beginning at the first set of coordinates entered, will draw line segments from one point to the next. After you’ve done this for the second time you will just hit enter on the third source point. I am an environmental summer student, working in a coal mine. From the ACII text file  Northing and easting values help you use known coordinates to draw maps more Type additional northing and easting values to add additional lines. A window will pop up called Import on-line maps this is where all the Magic happens. Nov 9, 2009 Do you need to label coordinates in AutoCAD? This dynamic Just insert the block, and click on the point you want to show the coordinate. Fri, May 16, 2014 at 12:43:27 PM | Insert POINT at specific coordinate #2. As I started to use AutoCAD day in and day out (many years ago, wink), I found that sometimes I would run commands or set system or drawing variables many times throughout the day. Click select object button to define the object type. AutoCAD Tutorial: How to Display Coordinates and other Settings April, 2017 April, 2017 Brandon Another day, another video, this week we’ve got two new tutorials incomming so make sure you check back again in a day as well. START_Y, START_X, END_Y, END_X, all of type "Double". The image will be sent into the AutoCAD drawing correctly scaled and located. Relative coordinates are the X, Y and Z value of a point relative to the last point entered. Above listed features (functional) AutoCAD allows you to enter coordinates in AutoCAD in various ways (methods). NET – Part 1 When I woke up this morning I didn’t expect to write a post on this topic, but then I found a kind email in my inbox from an old friend and colleague, Ishwar Nagwani, with some code he’d written and wanted to see posted. “These steps are for the ‘general AutoCAD user looking to draw accurate geometry from provided surveyor coordinates and bearings. In the drawing attached (edited using AutoCAD), the field has been  Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projected coordinate system with units of meters. For those of you needing ‘Professional Grade’ mapping abilities, you may want to consider AutoCAD Map”. There is free software to do coordinate transformations though but not in vanilla AutoCad. How to Enter Northings & Eastings in AutoCAD. This includes input of both a distant and angle to designate a point relative to a current location. The name of the AutoCAD drawing file or the name of the block to insert. txt file with x&y coordinates, each on a single line separated by a comma. In default select the FIELD CATEGORY then select on OBJECTS, then click on AutoCAD Geographic Location Setting Tutorial. 1. Launch AutoCAD Civil 3D – English Metric (we know the units are in metric for this Now let's look at a raster-type representation of the surface. The input file can then contain the values of these attributes which will be filled in on import - e. Menu. Dragging into the folder effects that the Add Construct panel displays. Types and methods of defining coordinates in the AutoCAD: relative and absolute. Insert tab – Image button . Change the field category to objects, and in field names, select object. Video Catagories. If it is a file name, include the . AutoCAD; How to Display Coordinates and other Settings In todays video I go over a commonly asked questions, how do I turn on Coordinates in autocad so I can see where I'm drawing relative to 0,0. FARO PointSense products provide enhanced functionality for processing point cloud data allowing you a reliable and effective evaluation of hardware independent scanning and photogrammetry data within Autodesk’s CAD construction and planning tools such as AutoCAD or Revit. A - answer, If you need to annotate multiple points with their cartesian applies to: AutoCAD ·  Aug 26, 2009 To find a point at a specific angle, use polar coordinates, in the format such as the LINE command, specify the OSNAP (you can type app),  Sep 12, 2012 Say you are given a handful of coordinates from someone in the field who is the most simple, pure way: using the AutoCAD POINT command. 1. Make sure it's in the same folder as its identically-named JGW sister file, but do not attempt to load the JGW file. Let’s define our attribute. From the list of Data Connections by Provider, select Add Raster Image or Surface Connection. dwg) and a screenshot of what's . Load Coordinates Lisp. The tool used in ArcGIS to add coordinate values is called “Add XY Coordinates” and can be found in the ArcToolbox. In the process of design development and coordination we, often, need to use absolute coordinates from the Surveyor’s plan (that comes in . Select your second source point and enter the new coordinates. Rectangular (Cartesian) and polar coordinate systems AutoCAD. Click anywhere in the drawing area and an AutoCAD point Object will be created at that particular point. Follow the directions in this tutorial on how to add a new coordinate format to ExpertGPS. To export the data and import it into Revit, select Export to LandXML from the Output tab and choose exactly what data you want to export, and, then, import into your Revit project from the Site Designer tab. Image Services within AutoCAD. Coordinates Here we choose where do we want our images to be placed. Creating Hatch Patterns AutoCad Assignment Help, Online AutoCad Homework & Autocad Project Help AutoCAD provides several predefined hatch patterns you can choose from (see Figure 20. At work I was tasked with surveying a pond, which I did using a trimble. Coordinate transformation allows the manipulation of the coordinate geometry. Autocad: First copy and stack the text in a column. Thus the coordinate data is formatted using Latitude and Longitude values and the users usually need to import the data to projected coordinates into the DWG drawing As far as converting the coordinates, I use a free program called Corpscon6. e feeding the X, Y, Z Coordinates of the Point in the command bar, let it be 1000,1000,1000. Use maps that are automatically positioned and projected on-the-fly according to the coordinate system defined in the CAD drawing or the map service. Search. The output file is easy to parse through for creating script files. Use your line feature class as the input and make sure you set the point location to "BOTH_ENDS". Grid lines help to read the drawing correctly. The coordinate transformation is an important issue to consider in Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD when importing from CSV files because a lot of coordinate data comes from GPS devices or similar. Click Attach DWG. In default field, type ‘X Y = ‘ then click insert field. The 3D WCS coordinates specifying the location in the drawing to insert the block. Using polar coordinate, points entered by typing @distance<angle [Enter] Example of AutoCAD coordinates usage; Drawing 2 lines as figure shown with; Absolute coordinates Enter LINE command: L [Enter] Start line at point A: 0,0 [Enter] “These steps are for the ‘general AutoCAD user looking to draw accurate geometry from provided surveyor coordinates and bearings. The drawing area covers most of the screen and toolbars are anchored above and below the drawing area. Specifying an angle when you create lines in AutoCAD gives you more exact control over the placement of your drawing elements. In addition to this document, you can view our video on How to import a georeferenced image into Autodesk. After placing points type command “CRT” to create Table. Step by Step 1. Open AutoCAD Map 3D. Type command for point PO (Change point type using DDPTYPE to make it look scaled) 2. Showing Grid Lines in AutoCAD for printing the real world coordinates drawings is one of the practices that require special techniques and procedures. Explain the default Polar system used by AutoCAD for measuring and drawing angles. First, load up an instance of ArcMap or ArcCatalog. How do I enter coordinates in AutoCAD? Coordinates can be entered as Absolute, Relative, Polar, or as Direct Entry. Annotation Scaling (4) AutoCAD Interface (10) Dimensions (4) Draw Tools (5) Drawing Aides (3) Drawing Methods (8) If the coordinate system in use by ArcMap’s data frame already matches the projection system being used in AutoCAD, skip to step #5. If you already have a file that contains GIS data you can choose the From File tool, In AutoCAD Release 2006 Dynamic Input was introduce, which gives the possibility to change the default way to enter coordinates. On the File menu, click Export. These values are in the coordinate system used by the JGW file, which in turn is determined by what you selected when saving  In updated versions of ACAD, drawings are scaled automatically when they're inserted into a drawing with a different scale. Figure 1 2. Turn on also the Open in drawing editor checkbox. now select all the text and click enter. Create a script file (. Xscale: Double; input-only (optional). active. View and query multiple georeferenced ArcGIS maps in AutoCAD without data conversion. Change the coordinate system in ArcMap if you need to get it to match the system you are using in AutoCAD. Type “A” to select all Points. This free online AutoCAD course covers the following topics: AutoCAD draw grid lines create coordinate grid AutoCAD nothing and easting coordinates in AutoCAD how to display northing and easting in AutoCAD To Display a Grid and Set the Grid Spacing To Add Lines to Layout Grids AutoCAD grid lines in the layout The Coordinate Plane When you start working with AutoCAD, you can refer to the Status Bar which in turn display Coordinates in AutoCAD Software. hi did you find a solution for this? everyone just suggests exporting it to autocad but i don't think that is a very good solutions. Let’s start things off with option one: how to insert an image into a CAD drawing in AutoCAD. We have two drop- down menus Territory and Coordinate system. Use the Coordinate Transformation Adjustment options to specify how AutoCAD Map 3D performs coordinate transformations through adjustments for size, scale, rotation, and elevation. This will result in a prompt screen asking for the location of the image to be inserted. This also allows to create sub points after placing all increment coordinate points. ;;; Load Lisp (Tools => AutoLisp => Load Application => c2exc2 Coordinate Transformation Adjustments. The northing value is the vertical position and the easting value is the horizontal location. Interactive input method, coordinate settings in AutoCAD. However, in older versions and  Using Digimap Data in: Autocad, Autocad Map 3D and Revit - a summary Check coordinates by using the Annotate --> Spot Coordinates to add coordinate to . Otherwise, click on the map, and all of your waypoints and tracks will be exported. The VBA code uses late binding, so no reference to external AutoCAD library is required. The X,Y,Z coordinate values are displayed at the  Jan 11, 2018 You can use absolute or relative Cartesian (rectangular) coordinates to locate points when creating objects. Give the attribute tag, prompt like below. i was surprised that you couldnt just add a spot coordinate and type in your northing and easting and it move your object Answers. After you have your vertices, run the Add XY Coordinates GP tool to get their coordinates. Northing and easting values help you use known coordinates to draw maps more efficiently. ) Under the Insert Tab select Extract Data command (EATTEXT or Dataextraction)(Drawing must Specify a point: Ask a location point on the drawing, you can: click or by entering the coordinates in the command line. Source code you can see below. Absolute, relative rectangular, polar coordinates in AutoCAD. 3. Once you set the coordinates, point built and Point team will complete. Jul 17, 2019 ADD TO COLLECTION. Figure 4: Select your coordinate system. Aug 2, 2010 How to add a label with point coordinates (XY)?. Click Edit Coordinate Systems. How to Insert and Georeference a Google Earth Image in AutoCAD. Grid lines in a drawing show the location of parts in the drawing by its Easting and Northing. : Specialized AutoCAD versions like AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD Civil 3D offer also other methods for bearings, coordinate entry and COGO. relative to which will be further calculated the Y coordinates of the vertices of the POLYLINE representing the longitudinal profile limit my search to r/AutoCAD. Line. Note that the normal mode of AutoCAD is to use X,Y coordinates where X is East (left) and Y is North (up). The ASCPOINT command reads selected file (comma- or space-delimited, e. From the ACII text file copy all X,Y,Z points in the desired order and paste these into the command line. ), translate from one system to another, export in ESRI Shape Autocad normal version not have Gis function and you can't transfer from dwg or dxf to shp file. You have to use "Autocad map" and using the map menu you will find insert image from there you will have your image inserted with its coordinates. It allows you to put in your ZONE and your DATUM information for both your INPUT and your OUTPUT. A georeferenced image is linked to a defined coordinate system, such as  Sep 4, 2014 The translation is based on the currently used coordinate system, which you The implementation includes the previous commands to add a  When I insert this same block in BricsCAD the attributes are shown as 0. This brings up a prompt to scale, select ‘y’ for yes. Browse to the GeoTIFF location and click “open”. 2. An autocad drawing can be refereed to a graph paper on which every point and location have x y and z values, these values are called coordinates. The Set Location tool is found on the Insert Ribbon or you can  In the AutoCAD command line, type MAPIINSERT (yes, there is 2 letter I in mapiinsert, The Image is now inserted relative to the coordinate system selected. Autocad Viewport Not Displaying Correctly How To Insert Objects to a New Construct Drawing. When the magnifier glass pops up, it will show the coordinates information for current location of your finger. AutoCad Map 3D has some functionality for doing something similar but you need to know how to use it. share | improve this answer edited Sep 23 '16 at 6:33 How to Make Grid Lines With Text in AutoCAD. Get access to all the attributes of the underlying features with the map LT_SCALE AutoCAD add ons 1. ExpertGPS supports lat/lon, UTM, US State Plane, and most national   AutoCAD users need to Import coordinates from Excel to AutoCAD, considered as tables containing spatial data including coordinates and specific information. In Excel, highlight and Copy the column of X,Y coordinates to be used to generate the drawing. By long tapping on a static point in the drawing. csv file with the names, coordinates, and elevation of all the points in separate columns. Quick Tip: How to Change the Insertion Point of a Block If we need to change the basepoint for a block, most of us would Explode the thing, then Redefine the block. Select the JPG file you wish to insert. This in turn helps you identify where your cursor is located along with the objects that you draw. These will both be determined by your coordinate system. You can export the surface data into an XML file and import that into Revit or you can link the AutoCAD data from Civil 3D as background information in Revit. Students will learn how to enter commands as well. Finding a point on an AutoCAD surface based on X,Y coordinates using . My friend, Ben Senior (tech editor, extraordinaire), suggested this very straightforward solution. If you use Autocad Map 3D, you can assign system coordinate (LL, WGS84, etc. Polar coordinates system in AutoCAD specifies distance length at which angle. Also you can do individual conversions or a USER DEFINED FILE all at once. Now Paste the column of Example: Import coordinates from Excel to AutoCAD. Use Relative Coordinate values to enter point locations in AutoCAD. Every now and then you’ll come across the problem of importing a large coordinate data set from excel or a text file, this week’s tip is the solution to that exact hurdle. So every change made on the Excel file will reflect on the table in AutoCAD. Your waypoints will be reprojected to Northings and Eastings to match your CAD drawing’s coordinate system. In AutoCAD you have several possibilities to insert the points, for example: In the Command line type "3DP" (3DPOLY). From the Home tab, select Connect to open the Data Connections window. Display Coordinates in AutoCAD. The Converting map coordinates using AutoCad to Excel sheet Do you just want the text value and the coordinate of it's insert point? or do you want the text value and Add many efficient fields to AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT. You probably want your GPS data plotted in the drawing as well. Open Windows Notepad (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad). Use Relative Polar Entry to input point locations. They include: Application button: The large, red A at the top, left-hand corner of the screen is the application button. Outlined in this article are the steps to take in order to add X Y coordinates to a field in the attribute table. With object snaps turned on, you can select an object and see the coordinates for a feature such as an endpoint, midpoint, or center. To set the geographic location in the drawing on the Insert ribbon in the Location panel, expand the Set Location tool. How to set (enter) coordinates in AutoCAD. Select settings and create styles, layers, point groups, and description keys. Find Click the location that you want to identify. AutoCAD provides two different input methods for specifying the angles: the dynamic input tool that pops up on your screen when you create a line, and the more traditional command-line entry You can decide what Excel sheet to load, or part of a sheet. scr) of the point file and drag and drop it into the AutoCAD model view window. AutoCAD Coordinates System. earth and labeling them with their corresponding utm coordinates. A:Yes, 3D models from AutoCAD (DWG) can be directly imported into Revit - both solid models and surface (mesh) models. Understanding the World and User Coordinate systems in AutoCAD. BlockName: String; input-only. Re: [HOW to] Insert Text in Coordinates You could create a script file like this. Then simply click the button “Send Map to ACAD”. This method of creating lines is often used by surveyors, who enter values to create layouts. keeza09. If you do not know the coordinate system you can use the standard UTM coordinate system which can be found in the list below. Sep 12, 2018 Their coordinates will be in US Survey Feet and their drawings/files in your AutoCAD Units dialog was set to “Feet,” then points inserted to the  Jun 11, 2017 If you have not used this feature within AutoCAD the process is shown below. From the Planning and Analysis workspace, pick the “Image” button located on the “Insert” tab in the ribbon. When it is done, click on OK three times and indicate the inserting point to insert the table in your Drawing. Draw by numbers. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username Autocad lisp xyz coordinates export MongoDB Stitch QueryAnywhere often removes the need to create REST APIs, but for the other times, Stitch webhooks let you create them in minutes. CODE:;;; Export coordinates of dwg dots in excel format (three decimal places). Hit next and you will be prompted for a location, hit return twice once for the location and next for the rotation angle. If you use surveyor's angles when specifying polar coordinates, indicate whether the surveyor's angles are in the north, south, east, or west direction. the PtLabel block in the Block catalog. Select the circle, don’t select anything else! AutoCAD will list all available properties. You can use bearings format to enter angle data in standard AutoCAD relative coordinates data entry. How to Add XY Coordinates to the Attributes for a GIS Dataset. Sounds like someone is fishing for an easy way to do their home work. This can be handy for a number of reasons either as a report or the use to import back into AutoCAD or another system. from Excel, CSV) and inserts points, vertices or blocks on the specified coordinates. Converting map coordinates using AutoCad to Excel sheet Do you just want the text value and the coordinate of it's insert point? or do you want the text value and Convert your local system coordinates into WGS 84 system geographic coordinates; convert the CAD drawing into image file and crop the image up to the rectangular border. All the texts EXPLORING THE AUTOCAD USER INTERFACE This section will familiarize attendees with running the software and with the use of the ribbon, palettes, and dialog boxes. dwg extension and any path information necessary for AutoCAD to find the file. Importing JPG/JGW Files Using Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design 2015 In the Raster Tools menu, click Insert. Team Point is always in the normal mode of construction, if you call it from the command line. The center of the magnifier has a crosshair that points to the place your finger is pointing. AutoCAD Blog. And there you have it! At every opening, the Table will update its values from the excel file. The AddDimAligned method is used within a loop so as to draw the necessary dimensions. The X,Y,Z coordinate values are displayed at the Command prompt. On the Google Earth, zoom in to the nearest relative position of the property using the computed WGS 84 coordinates as reference; Go to to “Add” then “Image Overlay” Re: Insert block using coordinates in a txt file Originally Posted by jmctamney as it is right now, it's a . AutoCAD Map 3D 2015 has a great integration with other AutoCAD products which will allow you to import or export any project from/ to any AutoCAD application thus making it more easy for you to create an efficient and productive project. 0000. Joined: Fri, Nov 4, 2011 27 Posts No Rating. You can also modify the coordinate system from scratch. DXF, and click Export. Type Command “CN” to place Increment Coordinate Points. point 100,150 text 100,150 TRENCH START point 150,150 text 150,150 DUCT BANK START point 200,150 text 200,150 DUCT BANK END point 300,150 text 300,150 TRENCH END end In AutoCAD, launch the SCRIPT command, then navigate to where you saved your file in the previous step, then select it and click Open. Raster Design integrates with AutoCAD and these instructions are based on AutoCAD 2015. The workspace in AutoCAD is divided into 2 distinct areas. You can import a specific cell of the Excel file or a text format file as a field. Here I will go with the first method i. Your second option (which can be used with any license level) is to add four new fields to your data. Oct 5, 2016 Click Home tabUtilities panelID Point. Please note that AutoCAD will not see the JGW world file if its file path is greater than 128 characters. You will see how AutoCAD uses all three coordinate formats to draw a pair of line segments that start at the absolute coordinates 2,1, and then move to the right 2 units and up 1 unit (@2,1) relative to the first point, and then (relative to that point) move 2 units at an angle of 60 degrees (@2<60). in autocad there are several ways to mention these coordinates in the drawing. Learn how to add dimensions in AutoCAD directly from Excel. 9) but you can also create your own. Click Home tab Create Ground Data panel  Jul 16, 2015 In AutoCAD you have several possibilities to insert the points, for example: In the Command line type "3DP" (3DPOLY). dwg format), but using this coordinates in Revit needs a few steps to be done in order to overcome its limited work area (under 20 miles) , In the Raster Tools menu, click Insert. The palette increases efficiency for finding and inserting multiple blocks-including the new Repeat Placement option, which can save you a step in some cases. Click the location that you want to identify. You can create ascii text files of your geographic coords (lat/longs) and specify your output to UTM or State Plane. There is a reason you need to learn how to do it long hand rather than cutting corners. Import X,Y Coordinates from Excel into AutoCAD Also coordinates in AutoCAD can be set by mouse, input (setting) the values of coordinates in the command line and enter coordinates using dynamic input. However, it’s also worth noting that some other CAD programs, such as Vectorworks, also allow users to import image files. Q: How to Open Zip Files on Vista? A: Double-click on the zip folder with the zipped file inside. from point: 0,5 (the line starts at 0,5) to point: @5,5 (the next point is to the right and up 5 from the last point (0,5) AutoCad books. jpg file. how to insert coordinates in autocad